Usagi Tsukino

Name: Tsukino Usagi
Age: in the manga begins with 14, then she is 16 in the last arc
Height: 1,50m
Birthday: June 30th
Sign: Cancer
Bloodtype: O
School: Juuban Junior High
Favorite color: White
Favorite Food: Ice cream
Least Favorite Food: Carrots
Favorite Subject: Home economics
Least Favorite Subject: Math, English
Hates: Dentists, Ghosts
Dream: Becoming a bride
Hobbes: video games, sleeping, cake (eating it)
Lover: Chiba Mamoru (Tuxedo Kamen)

We first meet Usagi in the first volume, as she is the main character of the series. The idea that she gives at the beginning, it’s definitely one of being a total klutz and crybaby, and also of a person who isn’t really good at school. She is the kind of character who isn’t good in everything she does – on the contrary, she is normally fails in everything she tries to do.

During the series, from chapter to chapter, we can follow how she grows, and changes her behavior, as much as she still has an easy tear, she still keeps going, showing that she isn’t e person who will easy give up, actually she mostly seems someone who doesn’t give up, when she has someone to fight for. She just keeps trying, and if she falls she gets up, helped by her friends, or alone. She is a character who matures during the series the most. In a way showing, that if you believe, you can do it even if the task seems impossible.

Most of the time she gives the idea of being stupid, but that in the end it isn’t true, the real fact is that she prefers doing other stuff than study, she is an extremely easy-go person. If she was stupid, in the final arc she wouldn’t have passed the exams to enter the high school, she just is that kind of person who has to have something worth to work for, and when she does, she does good.

Her attention span is really short, if she isn’t actually interested in the subject, so probably if there was a big cake in front of her, all of her attention would have been on that one.
Her strategy to get what she wants is definitely crying, because she begins, people just want her to stop, so they give her what she wants.

One thing she has big problem with is writing Kanji, so much that even after 1000 as Neo Queen Serenity, still she can’t grasp them entirely.