Sailor Moon

Prism Transformation

“You see… you are the chosen warrior. It’s your mission Usagi. You must find your team and defeat the enemy!”
- Dark Kingdom Arc, Act 1

Sailor Moon, the soldier of love and justice is the first transformation given to Usagi in the first volume, when Luna gives her the magical brooch.

In the manga this costume is a little deferent at the beginning. Aside the classical sailor costume, that is a combination of blue and pink. Her boots are pink (in some art Naoko makes them white) and her gloves are white with the pink endings (thou in some art are pink).

Usagi still has her own hairstyle in the transformation, but there are some new things like pearl-like hairpins and also the two round hairpins on her buns.

On her forehead a tiara that during the first arc changes because the first one was destroyed while defeating Jadeite, so later it appears a new one. It again changes with the arrival of Sailor Venus.

In the beginning at least in few first transformations, in the combination of the costume there is also a mask, that later goes discarded. While around her neck she has a ribbon necklace.

To transform she says: Moon Prism Power, Make Up

In this forms she has various attacks: Sailor Moon Kick, Moon Frisbee (in the series of 2003 renamed to Moon Tiara Boomerang), Moon Twilight Fles and Moon Healing Escalation.

Crystal Transformation

“You can put the Imperium crystal in here. Now call out! Moon crystal power make up! You’ll have more power than before. You’ll be stronger. Morph and go save everyone!”
- Dark Kingdom Arc, Act 13

In the Crystal form the changes aren’t really noticeable, if not for a few things. The brooch that Usagi uses to transform is changed, because the first one broke after she used all of her power. The second things is that the first tiara is back, so she is again able to use Moon Frisbee attack and when she takes her tiara down on her forehead there is the symbol of her being moon princess – the small moon. There is another thing that actually changes from page to page, it seems it depends how Naoko-sensei decided to draw it - the necklace, in this trasformation it sometimes apears as the one in the first trasformation, or diferently.

The word she uses to transform are Moon Crystal Power Make up! And There is a new attack used with the new rod that is: Moon Princess Halation.

Cosmic Transformation

“From here Sailor Moon, I will give you new power. Sailor Moon, scout of sanctity. I give you a new compact . And Cosmic power. To protect the Silver Imperium Crystal. So that you may continue to fight with a strong heart.”
- Black Moon Arc, Act 23

This third transformation also doesn’t have bog changes when it comes to the sailor costume that Usagi wears to combat. As in the Crystal transformation, here are also some minor changes that include the brooch and the necklace that now doesn’t have a moon on it anymore but a heart.

The words used to transform are Moon Cosmic Power Make up! And also there is another new attack with the new rod she now possesses: Moon Spiral Heart Attack.

Super Transformation

“We Sailor Scouts must put our hearts together and fight as one.”
- Infinity Arc, Act 30

“The Holy Grail will no longer appear and give us power. When all nine Scouts come together, the Holy Grail was formed. But three Scouts are gone now…But we have to fight on! Within us now a different kind of power abounds… it’s a new power…”
- Dream Arc, Act 34

This costume has some major changes in both style and color. The first transformation in Super Sailor Moon happens in the Infinity arc where Sailor Moon unites the hearts of nine Sailor Scouts in a Holy Grail that leads her the super power to become even stronger. But the new brooch appears only after, at the beginning of the Dream Arc, when she needs to transform and her brooch has to keep more power than the one before, so it morphs in to a new one.

While the hairpins, both the pearl like and the round ones on her buns doesn’t change, the tiara on her forehead does, it doesn’t have a red gem on it anymore, but that gem becomes a small crescent moon. The necklace has the same form as the cosmic transformation.

Even thou the colors are still blue and pink, along with them now on the costume are found also white and golden-yellow. The skirt is now combined with the new colors and the ribbon on her back becomes bigger and longer, while she has a golden waistband around her waist. The gloves and the boots stay of the same color.

The new transformation words are Moon Crisis Power Make Up, while this time she masters two new attacks that are: Rainbow Moon Heartache and Moon Gorgeous meditation.

Eternal Transformation

“Eternal Sailor Moon! One who possesses the second greatest power to the Queen…”
- Dream Arc, Act 41

This transformation is the biggest deference from all. First, this transformation doesn’t use a brooch, but a kind of grail for the transformation.

While her hairpins stay the same, another thing that vanishes is her tiara, she doesn’t have one anymore, on her forehead there is the symbol of the royal family of the moon. While her necklace is still there, it changes from the last transformation.

Still the man colors of her costume are white, pink, blue and gold-yellow, still there are main changes. The gloves are longer, they don’t stop anymore at the elbows but are a little longer and with additional ornaments. The brooch that appears is a combination of a heart, moon and wings. The waistbands now is tricolor (yellow, white and pink), while the skirt is composed out of three layers, yellow, pink and blue. Her boots are modified and now are white with a deferent style.

In this form she also gets white angel wings, while the ribbon on her back becomes so small that we can’t see the main part of it.

The transformation words used are Silver Moon Crystal Power Make Up and the new attacks that she masters are: Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss, Silver Moon Crystal Power Therapy Kiss and Silver Moon Crystal Eternal Power.