Inner Senshi

Sailor Venus, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Venus / Aino Minako is the leader of the guardian senshi and she is probably from the four Inner senshi the one that is the one that is the most like her, they could be passed as twins for a moment.

Minako and Usagi have a sister-like relationship, but without actually arguing, they have also similar hobbies and they are lazy in the same way. As Venus she is protective of her princess and always tries to shield her from evil or other. Venus is the one that is most worried about the love between Endymion and Serenity because he fears her princess would had a broken heart.

Sailor Mercury / Muzuno Ami is the brains of the group we could call it. She is the one who comes up with strategies and also the one that is over obsessed with knowledge.

Ami and Usagi meet thanks to Luna, who feels that there is power in the braniac girl. The fact that Usagi manages to befriend her isn’t surprising, because Ami never had a friend, and Usagi in some way is good at making friends with her carefree nature. Even thou the two doesn’t have much in common, they are still friends and care deeply for each other understanding each other’s needs, which leads to a great friendship.

Sailor Mars / Hino Rei is, let’s say, the lady like of the group. She is a miko and she isn’t one who loves speaking emotion, but cares deeply for her friends.

Even if the two of them are such opposites still they manage to be friends. Usagi is quite invading, while Rei is a loner, they probably wouldn’t be friends, even if I believe that Usagi would have been able to befriend her anyway. While at the beginning Rei tries to not get too much involved at the end their relationship grows and she lives, as the others too, to protect her princess, and make her happy.

Sailor Jupiter / Kino Makoto is the strongest when it comes to body between them, but probably is also the most feminish between them. She cooks and loves plants.

The friendship between Makoto and Usagi blew because she is a great cook, and Usagi is a fantastic eater, so they become friends over a bento. As much as she is seen by others as a yankee (bully), Usagi is the one to notice how actually caring she is towards others, especially friends. Makoto is devoted to Usagi, and not just because she is princess, but because Makoto is like that towards her friends.