Sailor Cosmos

aka Sailor Chibi Chibi

“As long as stars shine we are ok. We won't lose.”
- Stars Arc, Act 59

This part is a little dificult to talk about, but as I stated at the begining of the shrine this is my point of view on Sailor Moon series and at how I read the manga for me Sailor Cosmos is a future incarnation of Sailor Moon, she even states it during one part when explaining what happened to Sailor Quartet saying that she found herself alone and suffering which made her decide to sta y by her own side to help her in this difficult time and maybe this time to make the right choice, which she later understood that she in the end would always do the same choice.

“I am a coward who ran away from where I should have been. I will never be able to match Eternal Sailor Moon's final show of courage and power.”
- Stars Arc, Act 60

In the Stars arc a little girl with pink hair with the classical odango hairstyle (but in form of hearts) apears and the only thing she knows to say is: Chibi Chibi. From her instalment in Usagi's family the presume for a moment she could be Usagi' second daughter (but Hotaru says it is impossible because the queens can have just one single daughter) to thinking that maybe she is even Chibiusa's daughter. She shows that she has powers as she can transform in Sailor Chibi Chibi, aside being able to ground Usagi and make her feel better.

Chibi Chibi transforms into Sailor Cosmos after she witnesses the choice and courage that Sailor Moon makes at the Galaxy Coudron, reminding her that they are Sailor Senshi and that they fight for love and hope and for everyone.

The ones who sees her are the Sailor Quartet and there Sailor Celes thinks if this is not the final form of Sailor Moon.

“I remembered the battle here. If I destroyed the Cordon back then...would there be any more sufferings? But then I relized. I had already chosen the right path. No one can destroy the place where the stars are born.”
- Stars Arc, Act 60

By how she talks about everything we have to presume she is Usagi's form from the future, or maybe form an alternate universe which still makes her who she is a future Sailor Moon, who reached her final potential of becoming the Senshi of Cosmos.

The form of Sailor Cosmos not really being a senshi of the solar system has a little diferent fuku; which I will try to descibe in not too many words.

Her hair is white-silverish like princess and queen Serenity's which should be another sign that they are the same person or at least reincarnation of the same. It is tied in odangos of a heart form; she still features both kind of harpins that Moon has: the pearl like ones and the round ones on her buns.

Her tiara is rapresented by a shining star while her earings transofrmed into three little pearls on each ear. The ribbon necklece does not have a moon, but a star like her tiara. Her fingers are adorned by four pearl rings.

The predominant color of her combat dress is white, but for few details like her shoulders that are short golden sleeves with little angel wings and in front of her skirt there is a rainbow of ribbons attached by a golden star pin. Her footwear consists of white high-heeled shoes with wings. As a finishing touch is a long white cape.

She also possesses a staff, which is adorned by the same symbols as on her dress; the star; the angelic wings and perls; combining the white and golden.

She has strong powers but whenever she uses them she never says a word, it is said she has the Lambda power - the power that she gets as Eternal Sailor Moon and the description of it is that this power means losing everything to save everything.