Alone in the end?

This is something I asked myself already the first time I read the last volume of the manga. In the end, a person like Usagi, will be left alone to battle the evil? There are few facts from the last act (act 52) that make me believe so.

First of all Sailor Cosmos when explaining what is she doing here in the past to Sailor Quartet states:

“My self here was alone and suffering too.”
- Stars Arc, act 52

And this for me is the first clue, that in the end, Sailor Moon will be alone in the far future battling Sailor Chaos to save the world, which was going ruined by their continues battles, and she loses her faith, simply because she doesn’t have her friends with her anymore, those who helped her believe in herself , in good and justice.

Then there is the last quote of the manga, the quote that writes the end of the series, that is one of the most scary words I ever read in a manga, when Mamoru watches his wife with the other girls and is thinking:

“Even Someday, when we disappear and new Sailor Senshis are born… Sailor Moon, you’ll always be invincible. The most beautiful shining star.”
- Stars Arc, Act 52

Don’t you find this thing creepy, I mean, we see how she fights in all the acts to protect those she loves the most and the place where they live, just to be left alone, because she has so much power that she’ll keep going? While the others will die? The sad thing in everything is that this means this manga doesn’t really have a good ending, actually is pretty sad, and Usagi in the end is a tragic shoujo heroine. She who needs her friends to keep going, she’ll stay alone and will have to find probably in her memories the strength to keep going.

This puts her on a whole new level for me.